Question y'all may ask


People like asking questions of make-up artists. It is exciting to come across a person who may easily be equipped to solve your much-riddled make-up worries. WHY does my mascara run.* (answer at bottom) WHY don't I look good in sparkly shadow?*(ditto) HOW can I be hotter?*(ditto) Much like hearing a new mutual friend is a therapist and all of the sudden, casually you say "so, sometimes I have nightmares with recurring theme where there are snakes and...'

In a make-up artists case, the eyes FLASH and the new friend (or old friend. Or old teacher. Or aunt. Or your own mother) will lean forward and go "Soooooo, What is my color?" (I have a lot to say about that question. WE ALL HAVE MANY COLORS THAT ARE "US"!) . Also very popular:  "What should everyone wear always if they wanna look done?"  Short answer: Moisturizer, a little concealer or foundations, mascara, and something on the lip, whether or not it has color. You'll look awake. The rest is fun icing on the cake you shouldn't avoid just because it's not a staple. I happen to think purple eyeliner and a black eyeliner have made for some of the best nights of my life. So, you know... experiment.

Many people ask how they should behave IN the make-up chair. I say it depends on why you're in it. Is it your wedding? Are you getting made-up for a party, or a personal event? You should have some ideas! Ask lots of questions, and even bring some images, or 'inspiration' ideas. You're collaborating, and artists-- at least good artists-- love to have a client with a few ideas. I always say I think make-up artists should be open to listening to who people are. I can't stand hearing stories about artists who are like "Hush! I know all!". No, when it comes to knowing who you're working on, you don't. You need to listen. 

If you're in the chair cause you're in a play, or movie, or show, or in a magazine, you should be nice, feel free to talk about what you love, and hopefully trust that the artist knows what he/she is doing. The artist is getting notes from an artistic director/photographer/editor/director. And they are translating those wishes. And they are professionals so they are hopefully translating then well. HOPEFULLY. And if they don't (meaning, if they aren't great at their job) hopefully someone behind the camera can instruct them to BE BETTER at their job. But, no artist on a set wants tips from someone in the chair.

*because your eye area is oily and through-out the day it is simply going to deposit, unless you use a water-proof mascara, which is bad for your lashes. Only use waterproof mascara on your wedding day. Aside from that, scratch it. Just check out your eye-area every few hours and smooth under with a dab of concealer or smooth with powder. It only takes a second.

*Because you haven't learned how to work the shadow yet, since using a shimmery or glittery shadow takes a little bit more finesse than using a NON shimmery shadow. It is wise, always, to blend it with a matte shadow. Don't over-kill. Build the shimmer over a base. A pop of shimmer OVER matte is often pure perfection, if done right. Practice. Don't wear shimmery shadows all of the time, anyways. It will stop seeming as exciting if you use them too much.

*Well, how do you want to look? Is there something you're afraid of, when it comes to experimenting? Yes you can be hotter, if you want to be. We all can be. It just takes time and practice. There is always a tasteful way to do make-up. There is also a trashy way to do it, and that is fun, too. It is fun to look hot, isn't it?

AuthorSarah Graalman